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Chic craftsman inspired bath that stays true to a neutral palette and adds a twist. Great example of a fresh take on incorporating pattern through tile. Not just for walls, patterns such as lattice, quatrefoil or trellis found in mosaic tiles add depth to an otherwise classic slate gray marble floor. Seamless and stunning update to an already beautiful bath.


Five things you should know about the use of child labor and mercury for gold extraction in Southeast Asia:

1. Mercury use is widespread in the Philippines and Indonesia, where child labor is common and illegal gold miners operate freely.

2. Adult compressor miners dig and dive down as much as 60 feet while breathing through a tube connected to a makeshift compressor, which often is made from a San Miguel beer keg. Their job is to fill bucket after bucket with soil for a fellow miner to haul to the surface. Some wear a snorkel mask, but many don’t; they just keep their eyes shut and stay underground for hours at a time. The children usually do the less strenuous jobs, including panning for gold while standing for hours in the filthy water.

3. The mercury they use to extract gold dust from the sediment is highly toxic and is known to cause tremors, memory loss and brain damage, among other symptoms. Many children are exposed this while their growing brains are most vulnerable.

4. Indonesia and the Philippines restrict the use of child labor. But in both countries, pervasive corruption and weak central governments make it difficult to curb these practices, especially in remote areas.

5. In the Philippines, compressor mining is illegal and dangerous, and the returns are paltry. So why do they do it? They say there is no other work available.

  Learn more in our two-part investigation by reporter Richard Paddock and photographer Larry C. Price, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Pulitzer Center

Photos by Larry C. Price 

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